A family getaway to Stowe, Vermont

This past fall, my husband won a five-night stay in Stowe, Vermont.









We decided to take our girls, nine and three, for three of the nights.

We just got back yesterday and had a great time!

Our home is just outside of Boston, MA so it is about a 3.5 hour drive and we left Thursday afternoon at around 3pm to beat most of the traffic.

I mapped out that White River Junction was about half way and/or about the time we’d all start getting hangry.

I was right, of course 😀

We had dinner at CJ’s Tavern at The Wheelers and it was perfect. A local pub-type place. Very casual, lots of locals, food was decent, service was nice. It was an easy place to stop all around. Two burgers and fries, two grilled cheeses, two sodas and some wine for mum and we were out the door for $40 including tip.

We arrived in Stowe and to our destination, The Inn at The Mountain, just a few miles from the ski mountain on the same main road. I think we expected a very lively, ski mountain place but it was very quiet. It WAS Thursday so there is that. Things did liven up a bit as more folks came in for the weekend and then it had much more of the feel we had been thinking of! The staff there is super nice and the rooms pleasant enough (and hey, we were staying there for free so were very appreciative of everything!).

It was cold as cold could be so the next day we just lounged about and then ventured out in the late morning.

We hit a local and awesome coffee shop, The Black Cap, had some yummy coffee and asked them where to go for lunch. They suggested The Green Goddess and we had a fabulous lunch there. I even bought this painting from a local artist, Coty Morgan, which I just adore.










I cannot recommend these two places enough! Warm and welcoming with a local feel and great quality food and bevs! Yay!

Then we trekked off down the road to the Ben and Jerry’s Factory . THAT was super fun and the kids loved it. The tour was $4 per adult and kids under 12 are free. It was just informative enough without being boring and Ben and Jerrys’ story is inspiring and interesting. Then we got to try a new flavor, Salted Triple Caramel Chunk and, well, it was a bit hit. Look at my little one eyeballing the whole tray!








This is a fun thing to do for all ages so if you are up there, do plan the stop!

We decided to have a relaxing afternoon and I opted to head out to a local coffee shop to work on my ‘Create Your Amazing Year’ workbook (see right) and relax a little on my own.

The coffee shop I had decided to go to was closed BUT in the back of it was a bar.

‘Hmmmm.’ I thought to myself, ‘Why not check it out?’

Best. Decision. Ever.

I love happening on local places that you wouldn’t otherwise.

They had a fireplace. And a big ole couch in front of it. They had $4.75 local drafts. Win. Win. Win.










I thoroughly enjoyed myself (hello, look at me with my feet up making myself all comfy) and even worked on my ‘Amazing Year’ book a little too! I played some songs on the (way too) high tech jukebox and also played some skeeball! Mama was having fun. There are pool tables for your enjoyment as well.

Thank you Backyard Tavern! This was one of my favorite stops!

When I returned to the family, we headed out to Piecasso for dinner. Another hit! Yummy food, nice service and a small game room for the kids so they could be entertained while we finished dinner. All of us ate (and drank) for about $70-ish bucks plus tip. No bargain but it was good all around so no complaints on price or experience!

The next day we skied! It had warmed up to a balmy 18 degrees from below zero temps the day before.

Stowe (Mt. Mansfield) is a really nice mountain. It takes a lot of money to run a place like that, hence the high (ish) lift ticket of just under $100. I know you can go online and get a slightly reduced ticket price, I believe this is if you are staying at one of the accomodations in the area so be sure to ask or look into that.

I am not a big skier but had a blast as did my husband and our older daughter.

image_3photo 2-3















photo 1-3







It is so pretty up there, despite how freaking cold it is!










After a day of skiing, we were all toast so we stayed in and snacked the night away (well, until we all passed out at 9:30). I had hit the local grocery store earlier and gotten us some sustenance, knowing it would be easier and more economical to stay in instead of heading out again.

Sunday we got up, had the included-in-our-stay breakfast and hit the road.

On our way out we did a drive by past the Von Trapp Inn. A must for any Sound of Music fan!








Once on the highway, my husband was determined to get home ASAP (reason: unknown) but the natives started getting restless (read: Mama was getting cranky!!) so we stopped for lunch at a New Hampshire institution, The Puritan Backroom. Place was PACKED and we had a tired and cranky three year old so we were in and out quick. The food was fair, service okay and a fine stop overall, nothing I would hugely recommend. I did see A LOT of folks having a big ole frozen Mudslide looking drinks so I’d definitely try one of those!!

Now we are home and happily reminiscing about our little getaway to Vermont.

Best part?

We were all together.

And the little one is old enough now that it feels like we are a family doing things together not just tired ass parents hauling their baby around not caring to be all that adventurous…ever. LOL.

So it is a bit of milestone for us and we are super grateful all around!

Have you gone anywhere lately?

Have any great spots to let us know about?

Do tell in the comments below!

And as always, there is LOTS going on over on my Facebook page so be sure to head over there and give it a LIKE (and as well, add it to your interests list!).




P.S. I am in love with this photo that I took from our car looking out our sunroof on the way home!! Just wanted to share it 🙂 Isn’t it so cool??

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