Creating Sacred Space

spiritual bunky
spiritual bunky

Above is our cat Bunky at my prayer table in our bedroom.

She loves it and all things spirit connected.

I created this in my bedroom because I was looking for a place to meditate or pray as well as collect things I love.

There is not a ton of extra space in our house and we do not have an office or spare bedroom to REALLY create a sacred place for myself (and if we did my husband would take dibs for his highly coveted man cave – his own sacred space that he desperately craves especially living in a houseful of women!). So I took my ‘catch-all’ table, cleared it off and created this space.

I do not always meditate or pray there but every time I am near it or walk by it, it makes me so happy.

My daughters and I recently made some origami lotus flowers so they are the newest addition.

At the beginning of the month I made some cards with words on them – words that I want to connect with more this year. The two big ones?


Those feel good!!

I have a Buddha statue, a card called a Sri muti with the avatars of the Oneness Awakening movement (I like these guys!!), some rocks that are special to me and other stones as well. A few random things as well.

I believe that creating sacred space reminds us that we are not alone, that our Divine is here with us and as well creates space JUST FOR YOU to quiet your mind, pray, ask for help and most importantly, LISTEN to what messages are being sent to you!

Do you have sacred space in your home?

Are you going to create some?

Let us know in the comments below


head on over to my Facebook page and post a pic of your space – I would love to see it!




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