It being the second week of January (the first whole week to be correct) we see this all over the place:


Will this be the year you finally ______________ ?

This year become better, more, thinner, happier!

Much of this is very well-intentioned.

Goals have their place. They can be helpful.

But much of this, especially the advertising part of it all, is sending these messages to us:






THEN making a list of resolutions can put us in a place where we feel like there is NO WAY we can accomplish them.



Then we feel like crap, a failure and less than.

I believe we are just to start where we are and love the shit out of ourselves, warts and all.

Align with how we want to feel and align with the bright shiny light that is who we are.

And guess what happens when you do?

You feel good!

Things show up in your life that you need and it becomes a pleasure to do them not a chore.

Things begin to line up – there becomes this flow of what I like to call the flow of possibility, freedom, love and miracles. This is the natural flow of how life works.

BUT! You say…

~ I need to lose weight

~ I want to quit smoking

~ I want to do more, be more and feel better

And that is totally fine!

But to do them because you are less than is not going to get you anywhere (it may for a short time but it probably won’t be long lasting).

So give up. Surrender is a powerful, POWERFUL tool and sets up so so SO much space for us to be free and expansive and who we really are.

So trust. TRUST yourself and the Universe. You ARE taken care of. Things DO work out. And it is totally OK when they don’t!!

Believe that your Divine has your back and ASK them for help with your worries and your problems.

KNOW that you were probably raised using the wrong manual but that now you can rewrite this manual and live the life you are here to live. From the foundation that you are whole, perfect and a child of God.

These concepts don’t always stick overnight. But they begin a shift that you cannot return from (and this is a good thing!).

I am giving a course that starts tomorrow called Connection, Possibility and You and it is all about deepening your connection with yourself, the world around you and your Divine. And when you have this connection (and know it and trust it and love it!) your life flows. And this flow creates possibility, freedom, love and miracles in your life.

The course is FREE. It is for 10 days and I do a daily video via a private Facebook group discussing and sharing with you these concepts so you can take them and make them yours.

Each video will end with a meditation, visualization and blessing.

Join us?

Click here to sign up:

Have this be the year you get back to YOU so you can shine bright. No rules, no lists of things to do. Just YOU. Fabulous you.

See you Tuesday!



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