Two things you can to do to have the best holiday(s) ever

The holidays can be the best or the not so much best.

They can bring out the best in people and the not so much best in people.

It can be filled with charges all around. Food? Booze? Family? Extended family? Traffic? Money?

It is a wonder why we even bother to get together at all when you think about it.

But we do! Often with love and wonderful good cheer. I’ve heard of that happening, I think.

Just kidding….kind of.

A lot of the ‘stress’ around holidays has to do with expectation.

Expectation of others, of self, of the weather, of perfection.

Time to let go of all of that, no?

So here are my suggestions on what to do.

1. Let go of expectation and do your best to be as present as possible. 

Please know, I know, this is not exactly easy. But you can ask for help. Sit quietly before any gathering and ask your higher self, your Angels, your Divine, a departed relative you know watches over you. Ask them for guidance, strength, love, patience, etc.

Your mind will wander. What about Aunt Agnes? She always drinks too much!! What about Billy? He always fucks something up. And what about this and that and what if this happens and can you believe what happened last year and OMG give me a drink now!!

This, my friends, is natural. Be present to your mind wandering and creating all kinds of drama. It is pretty silly actually. Have a chuckle. At your family, at yourself. Know that sometimes IT IS REALLY FUCKING HARD to be a human at the holidays.

It often feels safe to create what is going to happen in your mind because at least then you will be ‘prepared.’ If chaos has always been the name of the game, that can be downright frightening.

But when you let go of expectations and do your best at being present, you do not carry any energy into the situation. You actually bring good stuff to the moment by not creating thought about that moment!!

And what I think is important is that you do not spend all day saying to yourself ‘today is going to be perfect’ ‘i am not going to let anyone bother me’ ‘i LOVE everyone’ ‘i am at peace with everything’

No, that is not necessary. THAT can often times cause MORE stress because deep down inside you KNOW most of that is NOT true. So then shit happens and you get even MORE crazy and worked up because IT IS NOT HOW YOU WANT IT TO BE.

So. Be with what is. See what happens.

Ok, so you could spend A LOT of time feeling like you ‘have’ to accept people and situations. And that can be hard. You may want to be more loving and peaceful but often the holidays don’t lend to that all that much (to say the least for some).

So instead of trying to make peace with everything and everyone around you, just do this.


We are often times just given a mirror to ourselves. So when someone bothers you or something burns your ass like crazy, it is just something in you that has been triggered.

So if you send love and light TO YOURSELF, that can often release stress and put you in a flow of possibility!

I am trying this and it is not easy. I have spent most of my life NOT in this kind of place. And then stuff just keeps on showing up to reflect back to me my lack of love and acceptance of myself. So once AGAIN, I am giving up. I have got nothing to lose and I bet, neither do you.

To wrap it up, take the pressure off yourself (and others) to have the greatest holiday ever. Have the holiday that IS. It might be great. It might suck ass. But if you are in the moment and accepting of what is and yourself (as much as you can), it might just wind up being – THE BEST HOLIDAY(S) EVER!

If you have any experience with this or want to come back and tell us how it goes, please do! Leave your comments here on the blog or over on my Facebook page!


Love and have the holiday(s) that you are going to have,



Things have changed a lil around here (yup, AGAIN). I am still doing everything I had been doing (biz and life coaching) but I will be leading with me instead of a business name or jazzy marketing campaign. I want to share my experiences with personal growth, spirituality and all the things us humans encounter every day.


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