Mercury Retrograde in 2014 – What to know, What to do, What NOT to do

Mercury Retrograde just ended for the last time this year and PHEEEEEEEEEW!

What a relief!!

But does anyone really even know what Mercury Retrograde is or means?

so pretty and so petite and so unassuming…

I certainly don’t but what I DO know is that it is kind of a giant cosmic F-U.

OK, that is a bit dramatic.

From my understanding (or lack thereof) it is a time where things can go a bit haywire because of what planet Mercury is doing or not doing or seems to be doing or something. 🙂

Plans get messed up. Projects go wrong. Lots of miscommunications. People get cwanky!!!

Sounds like a whole gang of fear mongering, don’t it?!?!

We have to live our lives, right?

So I believe that it is best to be prepared – knowledge is power!

That being said, I just wanna say (I’m not fear mongering of course) that for 2014, you might as well put a big X on all of February, June, and October – I am kidding. Ok…well, half kidding.

The actual dates of Mercury Retrograde in 2014 are:

February 6-28

June 7 – July 1

October 4-25

So here is my advice for this kooky cosmic upheaval period of time – for your life and your biz.

1. Do not make any huge plans. 

But like I said, we gotta live, right? So maybe you are going to a wedding, having a wedding, moving, planned a retreat or can’t get out of something you already started.

Do not worry!

Remember knowledge is power.

Be sure to double check everything. Ok, maybe triple check. Why not, you can’t be too careful.

Know you can’t control anything (not that you ever can, hello).

And if stuff goes wrong, Mercury Retrograde is always a perfect thing to blame because, in fact, it probably WAS to blame!!

2. Don’t launch

Excited to get your latest program or project out to the world?


Or hurry on up and get it out there.

Look, I see plenty of folks launching programs during MR.

And I wanna talk to them and know how it went!!

I read recently that one person had a client who always scheduled workshops during MR and they never got filled. She told him NOT to schedule them during MR and whaddya know!  They filled.

To be on the safe side, especially if you are a new business, I would advise for non-MR launching.

3. Don’t buy anything big or sign anything big

This is the one thing I have ALWAYS heard about MR.

DO NOT buy any large electronics, houses, cars, etc.

DO NOT sign any contracts that are crazy binding (well, most contracts are binding but ya know what I mean just none that are so insanely detailed and/or  force you to give up your young if they are not met).

Truth me told, when I write DO NOT in big bold letters, I feel silly because sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do, SO….

4. Do not fret. 

There is nothing to fret about.

This is life.

Things go wrong.

And things go REALLY right too!

BUT if your life feels like one giant shit storm and for real, you cannot figure out why, check the cosmos calendar!

It could be the pesky Mercury Retrograde.

So what’s good about Mercury Retro? These periods of time are PERFECT for planning, reflection, down-time and general ‘house keeping’ in your biz, your life and around the house. So pencil those good things in for sure during those months!!

If you have any great stories (or greatly insane stories) about MR, do tell in the comments below!

Here are some great articles I have read recently about Mercury Retrograde:

And while I’d hate ya to leave my page, these are good. Then come back. Or head on over to my Facebook page because I know you will love it. 🙂

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