Eating ice cream is good for business

What if I were to tell you that eating ice cream has created so much space for me to be who I really am so I can do the work I am here to do.

Would you think I am crazy?

Over the past year I have set my mind free from the prison that it was in.

I set myself and my mind FREE.

I stopped trying to lose weight.

I stopped trying to figure everything out.

I stopped trying to be better and different than I really was.

I began to just ‘be.’

And I began to eat ice cream.

Sometimes I eat a lot of ice cream.

Talenti knows FOR SURE eating ice cream is good for business…theirs!!










And ya know what?

I became more creative.

I began to lose weight.

I began to have a relationship with my Divine.

I began to be more in the flow of life.

The natural flow that is there for all of us.

My business grew and idea after idea flowed to me and from me.

It is not about the ice cream.

It is about you.

What is good for you?


What is your ‘ice cream’?

What can you free yourself from so you can be in the flow?

What can you enjoy more or accept more so your life, and your business, can flow and not be blocked by shoulds and should nots.

Let me know in the comments below.

Where is your freedom and what feels expansive?

Tell me!

That’s an order 🙂



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