Who am I to give a personal growth program?

That is a GREAT question.

Who am I to tell people how to grow or who, what and how to be?

Well, of course I am just me.

And there is no way I would ever tell you how to be, who to be, or what to be or what to do.

But what I CAN do is show you the place inside you that you have forgot. The place that is beautiful, whole, and connected to the whole world.

I can let you know that you are NOT broken and that you do not need to be fixed.

I can LEAD you back to you.

I can show you that there is a bright, shiny light that wants to be let out and shared with the world and that you have an important place and a purpose.

I am the guide for the program I have created called:

Connection, Possibility and You

Where you are guided, led, and supported to a place where you deepen your connection with yourself, the world around you, the people around you and The Divine (should that speak to you). This program shows you that there is possibility, freedom, love and miracles all around you and that you can easily tap into it at any time.

But why am I a person to do that?

Well, because I have been shown the way.

When I finally stopped trying to fix myself, when I finally stopped beating myself up for absolutely everything, it all changed. EVERYTHING changed.

For the better.

Am I perfect?

Heck no.

Am I a cheerleader and prancing around all jolly all day every day?

Oh goodness no.

But I have tapped into a place in myself where my own bright shiny light is finally being let out. And I am BEYOND excited to share everything I have learned, everything I have always known to be true with you.

And guess what?

I have been there.

I know you have been trying for FAR too long. I know you have been suffering with self-worth and self-loathing for FAR too long.

I know because I have been there.

I was there for FAR too long.

At a very young age I wanted to die. I didn’t know why. But I felt awful and thought the only way out was death by my own hand.

So a few years later, I did just that.

I tried to take my own life.

At 15, I was placed in a locked adult ward at a mental institution because I had attempted suicide.

And I got help. And you should too if this is where you are at. PLEASE do.

I tell you this because I want you to know I’VE BEEN THERE.

I have been to those dark places in the mind where life is not worth living.

And I have returned.

Once I FINALLY gave up on trying to fix myself because I thought I was a big, fat, broken mess, once I finally surrendered and began to honor all the parts of myself, once I stopped pushing and trying and banging my head against the metaphorical wall, I began to begin to live.

I felt possibilities, freedom, love and miracles all around in my life.

I saw where they had always been. I saw what I had always been – a bright shiny light that deserved to shine.


So I want to tell you that you are perfect.

Just as you are.

And yes, it does not always feel that way but I can show you how to tap into the goodness WAY more often than not and that even when you can’t, you will not fall to far.


That is why I am giving a personal growth program.

Because I have been there and back.

And I am here to show YOU the beauty that you are and the beauty that is in your life RIGHT NOW.

Where connection, possibility and you all come together.

So are you in?

I hope so!!

Sign up here:


And I will see you on Monday, September 23rd for Connection, Possibility and You – so you can get back to you, so you can shine, so you can see, feel, and experience possibility, freedom, love and miracles in your life. You deserve it! And you deserve it now. Not later. Not when you are thinner, richer, more, better, less, more organized or when your life is less hectic.


Sign up today for this FREE 30-day online program (given via a private Facebook  group). And yup, it will be serious but also FUN and FUNNY as well because life is too short to be all intense and heady!

Click this link to sign up!


See you then!!



Here are some links for more info:

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Blog posts to get to know me better:

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PS Contact me with any questions at aemartin4 (@) gmail (dot) com

PS (again) Please know this program is NOT a substitution for medical advice. This is a program to lead and cheer you on as you find your way back to yourself. If you feel or think you are suicidal or life is too overwhelming, please seek professional help. Thank you!

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