The No Assumption August aka The Ass-U-Me Free August!

For the past year I have been watching my thoughts.

It’s a fun hobby.

Well, most of the time.

What I have noticed are patterns.

And one of the predominant patterns is that of assuming.

I assume ALL THE TIME.

And you know what they say, ‘When you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME.’



And true.

I have watched my mind over and over again make assumptions about EVERYTHING.

And, if I had to guess, my assumptions are wrong about 80% of the time.

So much for being intuitive!! LOL.

The big thing for me is that I assume when I cannot figure a situation or person out. I am not content with things being ‘grey’. Or heck, things just ‘being.’ I need things to be obvious and up front. So when I cannot immediate figure something or someone out, I go on and make shit up. It makes me feel more comfortable,  for the moment at least.

It seems clear that this pattern is a defense mechanism. I feel stressed or unsure, I make shit up to comfort myself.

And assumptions are fear based – I am afraid so I am going to assume to distract me from what is really bothering me about this particular situation or person.

For example:

That person has not emailed me back, they must think I am crazy and want me to go away.

That person seemed grouchy this morning, they must hate me. 

Why is this situation like this? Well, those people are crazy and run their lives like  ferrel cats. They must be miserable living their lives that way.

Ya, big giant ridiculous energy wasters! Oh and there are more examples but you get the point 🙂

So I finally decided to try and steer the boat of my mind away from assuming. I feel it is holding me back and as well taking up valuable energy.

And, hello, it is just ridonkulous the majority of the time.

And it can also be a lot of energetic pressure to put on people to have their actions dictate how you feel at any given moment. I feel letting them off the hook as well as yourself off the hook creates A LOT of good energy and great energetic flow in your head and in your life!


I am declaring this month:

The No Assumption August

or my favorite,

The Ass-U-Me Free August


So, will you join me?

Every week I will begin a discussion on my facebook page and we can all share our experiences.

The weeks will go like this:

Week 1:

Minding the mind – Let’s just notice any and all assuming and not judge it or badger ourselves about it. Yet at the same time, do not let your mind take over and drive the bus to assumption land. I believe it is natural to have many of these thoughts but when they begin to take over, it is time to begin to grab the wheel! I will be sharing tips and my own struggles with this.

Week 2:

Trust – When we notice ourselves assuming, instead of believing our thoughts, let’s take what is happening at face value and trust ourselves not to have to figure it all out. And also, TRUST the natural course of events. No need to over control them or analyze them to death. <—- as comforting as that can be if you are like me and constantly doing that

Week 3:

Ask – Unclear about something, some situation, some interaction with another person? ASK THEM TO CLARIFY. We are all adults, right?!?! Well, I am trying to be. 🙂 Let’s give one another the benefit of the doubt and know that if something needs to be communicated, it will. And if it is not and you need clarity, ASK THEM! This can be scary for some of us, so I think it will be great to share our experiences.

Week 4:

Insights – How did it all go? What were some big A-ha moments, clarity or even completely craptastic moments? I will give my final insights and give thoughts on where to go from here!

I truly believe that if we mind the chatter, the assuming, the constant busy-ness that our minds are often caught up with, we can unveil our true nature, get to who we truly are, and shine our fabulous light AND as well, feel better, look better and tread lighter in our every day lives.

It all starts Monday, August 5th 2013.

Join in!

All you have to do is head on over to my Facebook page and give it a ‘like’ BUT then, and this is important, once you click the ‘like’ button, hover over it and a menu will open up. Be sure to also click ‘Add to interest lists’ so all my posts show up on your feed.

And if you are joining in, be sure to invite some friends to do so as well.


See you Monday!



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