Possibility Tour Interview: Life Coach Kelsie Pallanck

When my friend, Daisy Prescott, told me I had to meet Kelsie Pallanck, well I did not hesitate to follow through!

And DAMN, Daisy was spot on.

Kelsie Pallanck is the real deal.

Before we met, I cruised on over to her website and tears came to my eyes.

Kelsie is a champion for love. Self-love, self-worth and she wants to share with the world this message:




Reading it all was beyond moving, just to see it all there in words. It really spoke to me.

And she practices what she preaches. After years of suffering with the complete opposite of love, she decided enough was enough and began to work with love.

And everything changed for her and she wants that for you as well.

I KNEW she was perfect for the Possibility Tour as she reeks of POSSIBILITY, and of course, love.

Check out our interview here – I know you will love Kelsie too!

Kelsie is giving away FIVE Jam Sessions of Love so be sure to contact her before August 15, 2013 to get yours. In talking with Kelsie you will not only feel so much love but get some tools, just for you, so that you can move towards love too. Love for yourself so that you can shine.

Contact her: kelsie (at) kelsiepallanck (dot) com

Get Kelsie’s F*CK YEAH Manifesto (it is AMAZING!)

Check out her gorgeous website

Keep up with everything Kelsie and get lots of love on Facebook

Follow her on Twitter




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