Possibility Tour Spotlight: Cabo Cado

I headed down to Cape Cod this weekend with my girls (8 and 2) to visit a friend.

Not just any friend, but THE Vinnie Arnone of THE Cabo Cado!

I wanted to share with you his story and what he is doing and has done.

It has possibility and yes all over it!!

Just barely a year and a half ago Vinnie began is own business. He took his love for Cape Cod (where he grew up and where he is now back living), his talent for design, and his passion for local, creative, and inspiring things and created CABO CADO. He designs totes, beach bags, tees, koozies, calendars, and postcards all in ode to Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket. He is now in 26 stores all over the Cape – as of July 2013 – I do not doubt for one second that there will be more in the future!


I am so proud of him and couldn’t wait to share this amazing example of possibility with you. Vinnie is in THE FLOW! He wouldn’t necessarily use those words but I would 🙂 I just love this example of taking something you love and what you are good at and creating a business for yourself. But not just for yourself, for others as well. People are seriously loving his stuff! Check out how great these items are (all made in the USA)!

AND he designed the cover of this summer’s Cape Cod magazine’s best of issue!


I think it is all CRAZY inspiring and hope you do too!

Vinnie was more than happy to run a little giveaway with me so we are giving away one tote bag, a koozie, and a postcard. When you win, you can choose the Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket design. Contest ends Saturday July 20th so be sure to enter now and often!

Click here: a Rafflecopter giveaway to enter and win your tote and more!

And please feel free to share this contest, this blog post and Cabo Cado with your friends! Thanks!!

Love and possibilities,



For more about Vinnie and Cabo Cado visit www.cabocado.com

Like him on Facebook

Follow him on Instagram

Check out his etsy store

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