Watermelon St. Rita











is the most delicious thing EVER!

What is it??

Why it is a…

Watermelon St. Rita! 

3 parts tequila

1.5 part st. germain*

4 parts fresh watermelon juice

2 parts fresh lime juice

place all ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake!


you may need to add more lime or more watermelon or more BOOZE

all our tastes are not the same so just use this as a recipe base and go from there with your own measurements


add to a fancy glass or two – salted if desired and with or with out ice

serve and be the greatest host EVA!!

tips and hints:

juice your watermelon!!

or blend and strain:









juice your limes too!

fresh is best.

use good stuff!!









it truly is delicious and the perfect summer drink


i enjoyed it recently when visiting friends on cape cod that who were so nice to host me and my girls for a weekend getaway. these drinks were a perfect end to a perfect summer day. like, seriously perfect.

what is your favorite summer bev?

are you going to try these?

let us know in the comments below!

hope you are having a great summer!



*st. germain is a fancy french liquor made from elderflower and folks have been using it in place of triple sec and the like, it is super delish! here

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2 thoughts on “Watermelon St. Rita”

    1. hi michelle! enjoy it (if you can have just one!!) and let me know how it goes. i hope we can find a time to meet and have a girls night!! thinking maybe burlington vt? i will get nance on it! lots of love to you too! xo

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