How do you combine all the parts of your personality??

here i am part hot mess part rock star part who knows what 🙂

I recently realized that there are many, many parts of my personality.

Some stronger than others but they are all there and seemingly want to be heard.

Who are they?

Here’s the list:

: Little Italian Grandmother. She loves to make pasta and be in the kitchen all day. And she’s not afraid of a little red wine. Oh, and don’t piss her off, she will put a curse on your shit and wave her finger at you. She likes to  yell at overly boisterous children, shushing them left and right. But she loves most people, wanting to feed them and give them a hug. Everyone loves hugs from this little old lady and they love her food even more.

: Earth Mama. This earthy crunchy, comfy shoe wearing, organic food eating, long-term breast feeding, co-sleeping, natural deoderant wearing kooky gal loves her kids and feels actual physical pain when they eat crappy food. She loves collecting fresh spring water and shopping at the local farmers markets and eating wild weeds that grow in her driveway. Her latest dream is urban homesteading with gardens not lawns, chickens, and bees.  She is nice and well-intentioned but she is sometimes very annoying.

: Spiritual Goddess. This lovely, beautiful spirit walks lightly on the earth shining light wherever she goes. Her eyes are soft and radiate light and love. Feeling strong connections here on earth, she also connects with spirits and beings beyond what the eye can see. She feels deeply peaceful and wants to help others connect to their light and find this deep peace for themselves. She could spend all day chanting and doing yoga and her dream is a month long spiritual retreat in India.

: 12 yo teenage girl. She loves stickers, Hello Kitty, pink, shoes, shopping, glitter and drawing hearts, flowers, butterflies and bubble letters. She loves hanging out and giggling with her girlfriends. And she LOVES herself a cute boy, like, totally LOVES them. OMG.

: 14 yo teenage boy. He is pissed off. Why? Who knows. He loves to wear his black hoodie, play video games, listen to loud heavy metal and punk rock music, and to hang out with his friends in a dark basement and occasionally watch some porn. But only occasionally. And smoke some pot. But only occasionally.

: Boot Camp Fitness Instructor. Want to come to this crazy bitch’s class? Well, great, but it is not for the faint hearted. Loud music, yelling, sweating, and you may cry. And then be in the best shape of your life. She has created the greatest class combining hard core boot camp style workouts, yoga, personal growth and spirituality all wrapped up in one 45 minute whirl wind of awesomeness.

: Crazy Hot Mess. She speaks without thinking, snorts when she laughs, sometimes even farting when she laughs, falls down at awkward times, and lacks balance. She is clueless, emotional, and cannot pull it together to save her life. She loves to watch tv all day and eat whatever and whenever she pleases. A sloppy dresser and a little pissed off herself and the world, she likes to hang out with the teenage boy.

: Ridonkulously handsome gay man. He is so handsome. And just the right amount of buff. He might be Australian. He’s at the gym, at the bar, at the restaurant in the new neighborhood that no one knows about yet surrounded by other handsome gay men and a fab gal pal or two. He loves to kiss other ridonkulously handsome buff men. And he may, on occasion, dress up for Drag Kareoke…and kill it!

: Rock Star/Artist/TV Host. A born leader and performer, the world is this ones’ stage. A bit androgenous, showy, and down right glorious, people love to hang out with  and collaborate with this extroverted artist. Super creative and excited to shine, you may find this wonder of a person singing at a live rock show, painting in their art studio, dinning out or having coffee with their latest super cool friend who is visiting from Europe who will also be on their television show the next day.

In my mind, and in part of my persona lives all of these beings. I am all of them. Yet I am not any of them.

Some of these ‘people’ I totally am. But some not at all, I just fantasize that I am totally them. Which ones? You’ll just have to guess!!


Then there is ‘just’ me, Adrienne – wife and mom.

Family photo circa 2011

And that is all good….

Yet a lot of these parts of my personality want to be heard and find their place. I have been trying to figure out who I am and how I can best use myself to help the world. I sometimes feel if I can’t be one or just PICK one, I cannot be successful because if not, then I am just a giant freak show.

Can I combine them all? Should I?

How about you? Do you have lots of different parts of your personality?

What do you do with them?

Put them on medication?

Let them all out freely?

I think I have such a hard time finding my way because they all have a place yet no ONE stands out the most so I can latch on to that and just BE that.

Please comment and share your personalities as well as any words of wisdom on combining them all.

I would absolutely LOVE to hear what you think!



Adrienne & Friends 🙂

2 thoughts on “How do you combine all the parts of your personality??”

  1. What a freaking fabulous post Adrienne!
    I’ve definitely hung out with a few of these personalities over the years and have loved every bit of them.

    MY thoughts on multiple personalities…..ITS. ALL.GOOD. Every last little bit of you is awesome. As long as it FEELS like you..embrace it. There is no right or wrong way to do this.

    Actually…the wrong way to do it is to judge these different aspects of yourself. Making one right and another wrong. That just feels crappy and that is not what we are here for.

    Give yourself permission to be all of who you are and let your freak flag fly!

    1. Rock on Leah! That is great and thank you for your comment! I think as I find my way, I will decide one is the best way to go professionally and as I lean that way the other personalities get cranky! So I want to honor them all without making myself crazy and best serving the world. So these days I am just moving forward with what is on any given day and doing my best to trust that it will all work out and move forward in the best way and in the right time. Thanks for your input! Love you!

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