Gardening, Google, and Gabs

I want to grow stuff.


I hope it all works out.

I have no experience but just decided to go for it.

Flowers, herbs, Italian flat leaf parsley, lettuce, and tomatoes.

I hope that when we find our next place in a year or so, we can have a real garden and MAYBE even some chickens!

Have you seen this video?

WILDLY inspiring.

Last week I did a whole gang of deliveries for our friend who owns a delivery company.

Google had hired Crumbs bakery to make a gagillion cupcakes for a marketing coup they planned in the Boston area and our friend has Crumbs as a client. So he called everyone he knew to deliver cupcakes for a week.


Googles plan was to surprise businesses with cupcakes and a little note that said ‘get more customers with google ads! enjoy these cupcakes!’

I am fascinated with internet marketing so was completely fascinated that GOOGLE would be doing this kind of marketing.

Sort of genius in a way, going a bit old school like this to get people’s attention.

I brought cupcakes to every single kind of business – auto body shops, dentist, banks, investment companies, clothing stores, schools, and random businesses run out of folk’s homes.

It was not a perfect mission/coup as some of the boxes had names on them so they were to be delivered to specific people within that company. Many times that person either did not exist or they no longer worked there. I said, on many occasion, ‘Gee, Google needs to do more googling.’ LOL. I am so funny. One business no longer existed but the ladies where super happy to have cupcakes for their guests that evening!!

Most people were charmed and excited for cupcakes. Some people gave me the stink eye and could not be bothered and were very skeptical. A few times I had to be like ‘JUST TAKE THE CUPCAKES!!’ Jeez.

It was really fun. And from a marketing perspective, very interesting.

Granted Google has a humungous budget and could afford to do this kind of marketing campaign but if you have a small business, or any business, or like this kind of stuff, what do you think? Is marketing changing? I know some big internet marketers who were recently giving talks on direct mail marketing!! As in SNAIL MAIL! Scandalous!

Whatever you think, marketing HAS changed and as a business you HAVE to do things to stand out to get more business.

But first and foremost, provide a good service, naturally!


This is Gabs, our 2 year old.

Just sitting in a field, picking dandelion flowers.

The ultimate in presence and enjoying the moment.

So much to learn from the littles.

We are about to embark on potty training this summer so that should be interesting.

I had a pivotal moment this weekend when I left the house with both our children (the other is eight) and only had ONE small bag with me!

Times they are a’changing!

Have a great week!






2 thoughts on “Gardening, Google, and Gabs”

  1. After 3 years of “gardening”. (FAIL!) I got serious this year. and it’s going well. I’ve got cilantro, oregano & parsley growing. As well as spinach and sunflowers. Have lots more to plant. Ain’t nobody got time for GMO foods. I’ll plant it myself.

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