What I Learned From Using a GPS For The First Time


I occasionally work for our friend Owen who owns a delivery company.

He got a huge client that needed deliveries for a week and a half and he desperately needed drivers who would do 20+ deliveries each day.

Since that was so many deliveries and they were all over the place, my husband borrowed a GPS for me to use as neither of our cars have them.

I was ambivalent but let him stick it on my windshield.

As I was backing out of our driveway and this GPS lady began to talk to me, I shouted to him half kidding, ‘I don’t like this bitch telling me what to do.’

He replied calmly, ‘Relax, you will like it! It is really helpful!’

‘Harumph,’ I sighed.

Lesson One: Clearly I have issues with authority and being told what to do. 

I put in the first address anyway and drove away.

Once I reached an area I was not familiar with, I had to trust that the GPS lady (and the map on the screen) was right.

‘Harumph.’ again.

Then my mind when to Crazy Town (not unusual for me).

What if I had put in the wrong address?

What if they lead me to the wrong place?

What if I get lost?

What is happening?!?!?!?!

Lesson Two: Clearly I am a control freak. 

On this day, I was doing about 20 deliveries. And after about the fifth delivery, I finally let go, and totally got into it. It really worked and there was nothing to worry about at all. I mean, hello, I traveled alone for many months in a foreign country with just a Lonely Planet book as my guide. Could I not handle a little GPS system?

Apparently I could because as I said above, after a few deliveries, I really enjoyed it.

It was like being completely present and being guided just in the right direction and trusting that this was just right, just as it should be. I was a giddy school girl in my car, singing along to every song, marveling at every flowered bush (it is spring here in the NE). It was almost corny. But so so fun.

And that got me thinking…

We all actually have our own internal GPS.

But do we feel it? Sense it? Listen to it? And most importantly TRUST IT?

Hmmmmm…..in my experience, no.

Even if my inner GPS is telling me something, I do the whole above song and dance. Why is this bitch telling me what to do? Is she right? What if she’s wrong? What the @#$% is going on??

But what I do notice is that when I trust and follow this internal system (that is ALWAYS right), life just flows. It is pretty cool. I am a giddy fool.

So Lesson Three is…trust your own inner GPS. 

And finally, Lesson Four is if you are going to rely on your inner GPS, make sure you are well fed. 

At one point, way past lunchtime, I was doing one of the last deliveries. I unknowingly put in the wrong town but just drove where my new BFF, the GPS lady, told me to.

As I was driving in the complete wrong direction, it hit me – I had put in the wrong town. And then all of a sudden my car seemed to pull over, right into a convenience store parking lot! How lucky. I got some sustenance (albeit crappy sustenance but goodness knows I just needed something) and I was on my way.

Tomorrow I am at it again, again doing 20 or so deliveries. GPS is in the car, lunch and snacks are packed and my pissy attitude gone.

I love this thing!!

It has a split screen – OMG!!!

photo 2

Thanks for reading! Not too long ago I wrote a post on How to Increase Your Intuition so if you liked this maybe you’ll enjoy that!



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