All the good is gone!

Yesterday I was walking my two and a half year old daughter to the park.

On the way there we saw a little old Italian lady across the street, I think I have seen her before and our eyes met and she kind of waved her hand and seemed to say something. Little old Italian ladies are funny. I come from a long line of them on both sides of my family so I felt an instant connection with her.

Then, on the way home, we saw her again but on the same side of the street.

As we approached each other, we were both smiling. When we got close enough to be within talking distance she waved her arm up in the air and said, with conviction,

‘All the good is gone!’

I looked at her quizzically at first and then with a big smile said,

‘I’m here to bring it back!!’

I doubt that is what she expected me to say LOL.

We then chatted and laughed and talked about good things.

I had just experienced the most magical and wondrous weekend becoming a Oneness Blesser. So much love, so much healing, so much connection with the Divine. It is all hard to put into words.

So when I came in contact with this little old Italian lady that I felt so connected to and having her say, even with a smile on her face, that all the good was gone, well, I just found it so curious and quite funny.

But when I left her and my daughter and I continued walking home, I realized something.

I come from a long long line of little old Italian ladies who held onto this ‘all the good is gone’ type energy. It is deeply embedded in my family’s DNA lineage! I can imagine that there were many times the good was gone – hard times here in the US and back in Italy with things such as war, loss of children, husband, poverty etc. But on a gorgeous spring day, in a place where the majority of the time, things are pleasant and even beautiful, my friend, this little old Italian lady was still holding onto ‘all the good is gone’ energy.

And that’s ok. It is her truth or what she is connected to right now.

But it made me think about my lineage and all that heavy, gloom and doom energy that has been passed down from generation to generation (I’ve seen it, heard it, felt it, and lived it myself). It made me think about all that we carry around with us sometimes without even knowing it!

It is my goal now, to heal some of that energy. For all the little old Italian ladies in my family (living and not), for myself, for my children. And after experiencing what I did this weekend at the Oneness Blessing workshop, I know I can. I know we all can.

Do you find you are carrying energy from your lineage?

It is a quite interesting and curious thing, isn’t it?





One thought on “All the good is gone!”

  1. That’s such a sad post… what a burden to feel each day! Similarly, I come from a line of italians and my family has been anything but that. Positive, laughing until the end, appreciating the wonders they have seen in their past. My mother, now 75, may not have the energy she used to but is the last to sleep each night and still enjoys each and every day, far more positive than I in the future. Without furthering stereotypes by mentioning the ancestry, whenever I heard the doom-and-gloom ‘All the good is gone’ attitudes they were usually from friend’s grandparents, all from a certain area, and I used to think ‘Boy, am I glad I’m from the happy Italians.”, lol.

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