April Roundup – DIY Projects Galore!

It has been a long month here in Boston.

Much of it wonderful and beautiful – the weather has been perfect, the idyllic spring we always hope for has been with us. Baseball, little league, and girls softball has taken over here at our house, a sure sign that spring has arrived.

But a lot of it has been challenging to say the least. I have been doing my best to stay present and positive and that has resulted in many, many DIY projects from bread to cleaning products to toothpaste to lip balm. It has helped to keep things simple and productive while trying to process all that has happened in our world. It is my hope that you, your family and all you know are okay and my thoughts and prayers are with you if you have been directly affected by what happened – we all have – but some more than others. Love and light to all.

So…let’s talk DIY projects. I never thought that I would be into all this but the DIY bug has it me strong.

1. Bread

shut. the. front. door. BREAD!
shut. the. front. door. BREAD!

I have made this recipe more times that I can count now and I just love it. It is a big hit with the family and so so easy to make.


2. Cleaning products

I have been using vinegar, baking soda and essential oils to clean. I even used baking soda, vinegar and boiling water to unclog a drain! It is amazing what these simple products that many of us have around the house can do. I find that baking soda can leave a film so I use it mostly in the tub, sink and spot cleaning on the floor. Vinegar seems to work great too but I am not crazy about the smell. So I am going to work on some combos and other recipes and will get back to you once I have cracked the case on what works best.

3. Toothpaste


This was fun! Using a base of coconut oil, baking soda and peppermint essential oil, I embarked on DIY toothpaste! Much of the conventional toothpaste we all use has a lot of crappola in it that is not best for our health (ironic, isn’t it?!?!). I found a great combo of ingredients that I loved (which included raw cacao butter as well!) and when I made it, I never wrote down the recipe. Oopsy. So next time I promise to get it all written down for you!

4. Lip Balm

I started with this DIY Whipped Body Butter:


It whipped up great in the whipper, almost the consistency of cool whip (by the way, i can’t even think of the word cool whip let alone say it without thinking of this).


Unfortunately, it began to harden as time went on. It is a bit pesky with this stuff. Too cold? Then mixture is too hard. Too hot? Then it melts back into a liquid. So again, I am playing with it and have some ideas I will keep you posted about.

But for a long time I have wanted to make some kind of lip balm based off a recipe that my mother has used to make an amazing baby balm product. It came out GREAT! I have given it to a few friends for them to test and will be tweaking this recipe as well. This ‘lip balm’ will have many other uses. I am hoping to make a video showing you how to make it and ALSO have this awesome recipe available for sale! These details are all being worked out but I will let you know ASAP when it is all ready to go!

There is something quite empowering about making your own food, your own body care products and doing DIY projects. Not only can you take control of the food going into your body but the products you put ON your body as well. Our health and well-being are in our hands and it can be fun and empowering to do so.

What are your fave DIY projects?

Please let us know in the comments below!

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Thanks so so much.



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