It’s not all rainbows and kittens…

…or is it?


I woke up this morning with all this on my mind.

In the past few months I have begun to look at the world a little differently.

Much MUCH less putting everything into categories.

This is good.

This is bad.

This is right.

This is wrong.

I hate this.

I love that.

This sucks.

This does not suck.

It has really freed up my head space and is pretty cool.

If you are not categorizing everything, there seems to be less judging that goes on (for self and others) and less stress.

And the world looks so different!

It’s totally all rainbows and kittens!

But then there are days where if is totally NOT all rainbows and kittens.

Like, not even a little bit.

If you begin to look at the world differently, then WTF where you looking at before?

What have you been doing all your life?

Judging, categorizing, giving yourself and everyone else a hard time.

And if you begin to do much MUCH less of that, who are you?

So you cry or punch things or struggle with the whole concept.

Of course there is right and wrong, you scream (in your head)!

Of course that person is BAD for doing those things that hurt you

What about that douchy person who is always bothering you?!?!?

What about myself?!?! I am totally a douche! Jeeeeeez!

And aren’t some things GOOD? Like heavy metal and butter? Aren’t they so so so so good???

But when you lean into all that, you see how confining and not super freeing those thoughts are, even the thoughts about ‘good’ stuff because you are still categorizing. And if there is ‘good’ there must be ‘bad.’

Most of these thoughts don’t really serve you or anyone else.

So you sit with it all. Feeling the space in your mind that has been freed up.

Then you see a little peek of a rainbow.

You hear a kitten meow.

I am being silly now, but you get the point.

Freeing your mind of the prison it can sometimes be in is like rainbows and kittens.

Pretty sweet!

And peaceful!

Whatchoo think?

Let me know in the comments below.



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P.S. I have heard a lot of chitter chat online lately about using pictures and snazzy saying pictures and how you need to be very careful about using them and giving people credit for those. It’s important! I’ve decided to make my own, it’s easier and kinda fun. But I draw like a 6 yo. Oh well. Rainbows and kittens rock!

6 thoughts on “It’s not all rainbows and kittens…”

    1. omg, YOU can totally steal it. i put my website on it. like i’m all proud and stuff! ‘look! i can draw a rainbow and a kitty!’ well, draw is a bit subjective. i am totally still six years old.

  1. I tend to be the victim of overthinking EVERYTHING. Be slowly freeing my mind from that prison. I’m following the meows of the kittays and trails of the rainbows to lead me.

    1. awesome! thanks for sharing. and it is important to note that when it is totally not all cute and cuddly and shiny and bright – which it is bound to be – that we begin to just notice it and not judge and condemn it, saying to ourselves ‘stop thinking that!!’ i have found that i am more of an observer of self these days thinking ‘oh there it is, the crazy town behavior. she’s funny.’ anyway, just tryin’ glad to hear you are too!

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