Less Do-ing, More Be-ing

I had a dream last night that I cannot fully remember but it seems like this was being screamed over and over:


Interesting concept, no?

It really is the opposite of how we all learn to live.

I find that even when I am be-ing, I am thinking about do-ing or what I SHOULD be doing.

So technically I am not really be-ing at all.

It is a fact that we DO have to DO things.

But is our mind always do-ing regardless of what is going on?

Could we spend more time just be-ing?


What are your takes on this concept?

Share in the comments below!





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2 thoughts on “Less Do-ing, More Be-ing”

  1. I abandoned do-ing 76,825 loads of laundry this weekend so I can spend time with my kids. It was blast, full of happy memory-making. Endless loads of laundry can’t intimidate me anymore. I was out there be-ing. (great post!)

  2. what a great example you gave us! we know we HAVE to do laundry. we don’t actually know we HAVE to BE. the laundry will get done (and not always in perfect time). but opps to BE and opps to truly experience life fully whist are always available we do not always do them because we think DO-ing is more important. your laundry-less weekend proved us wrong! bam! xo

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