10 Ways to Increase Your Intuition (we’re all psychic, yo!)


We all have access to our intuition, our ‘gut’ feelings, and even our psychic abilities.

It is within us all, we are all born with it. But it is like a muscle we must exercise and ‘work’ in order to stay in tune with it and make it work.

But some of us are just not interested, some of us have no idea how to access it so shy away from it, and some think it’s all a bunch of hogwash.

THEN there are the folks who are 100% tuned in and receive intuitive and psychic messages all the time and do this for their ‘work.’

Others, feel a calling to this ‘work’ and begin to hone their skills and build their intuitive and psychic muscles.

Whatever category you fall into, it doesn’t matter. Tapping into your intuition is an invaluable tool for each and every one of us.

So here are some ways to increase your intuition:

1. Ask – ask for guidance. often times our guides are just waiting to tell us something but want us to ask! feel free to just say or think ‘I need help with this’ any time of the day or night

2. Trust – trust what you feel and think

3. Trust – trust that there are messages from your higher self, your intuition and that they have amazing guidance for you

4. Trust – have I mentioned trust? it’s important!

5. Trust – please know that negative messages about/to yourself are not what to trust. but sometimes they come in because of the sludge our mind is marinating in. ignore this and move past it so that you can get to more true, positive messages for yourself

6. Prayer (and then listen) – whether you believe in a higher power or not, connect with whatever energy you can and pray. this is similar to asking so feel free to combine them

7. Meditation – here’s the key to it all! after asking and praying and trusting, sit quietly, breath, and do your best to clear your mind of the chatter (chatter will come, just focus back on the breath and keep going!). after you’ve taken some time to quiet your mind, listen, see what comes up. i am here to tell you, LOTS and LOTS of cool, inspiring, fascinating information, answers, and ideas will come to you!

8. Turn off electronics – we are bombarded all day long with technology. and technology is great on so many levels. but it is difficult for intuitive guidance to come through to you if you are sitting with your computer on, next to your cell phone, while watching tv.

9. Clean your vessel! – you do not need to be squeaky clean inside to receive messages and guidance. but i will tell you this. if you are not clogging your body with crappy food all day, intuitive messages get to you quicker and clearer. no need to be perfect and go on a fast for the rest of your life so you can be intuitive and psychic but i think it is an important point to mention. and remember, if this is true (and it is :)) we are at our most intuitive in the mornings, so a nice morning meditation/prayer/asking session is a great way to start the day!

10. Get outside – nature rules! so get some fresh air, get near some trees, the beach, whatever you are near and/or love. if you are able, put your bare feet on the ground. it will make you feel more connected to the universal energies around us.

So get on it!

But there is no need to try or push it. Actually, the less you do, the less you try, the less you push the more you will get.

Quiet that chatter and listen! Even if it is just for a few moments! There is good stuff to hear. This is your intuition. Your gut feelings. Your psychic ability coming through.

Is there something you need guidance with?

Take a few moments and quiet your mind. Ask for help with this thing. Then take a few breaths and then listen. Disregard any negative self-talk. See what happens and let me know in the comments below.

And if you are stuck, well, give me a shout to see if I can help!

I will be talking more about this on this weeks show so be sure to listen!

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Here is the link to the show for more info:


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Thanks so much!



9 thoughts on “10 Ways to Increase Your Intuition (we’re all psychic, yo!)”

  1. Hi A!
    All good stuff you’ve written here. Just want to make one comment. I’ve been told that I have a difficult time with my intuition because I do not fall into any catagory – such as clairaudient, clairsensient, or clairvoyant – and that these may not be my venue to explore. I simply “know” when something is right for me. Consequently I have abandoned any notion of meditating becaue I don’t get the messages! Have you heard this before? Feel free to email me privately if you like. : )

    1. Hi Dot! Thanks for your comment. I am thinking maybe for you meditating can just be ‘meditating’ and not your time to receive info. But I just wanted people to know that quieting their mind and breathing can be an important way to get in touch with our intuition. We all have our own way, we just have to find it. I do have some ideas for you and I will email you in a bit. Thanks again!

  2. Trust it, trust it, trust it. How many times have we all had a ‘gut feeling’ and ignored it, only to wish we had not? From major ones (“The job sounds perfect but I just don’t think its right for me.”) to minor ones (“That glass is too close to the edge.”). Instinct, intuition, a little voice, common sense, whatever. Listen to it, tune it in, and trust it. Good points all. Thanks, A.

    1. Thanks so much Ed! Glad you stopped by. It is so true! One time, I took a job at a restaurant because in my BRAIN I knew we could use the extra money but I really, really didn’t want to do it. The day I started training, I pulled into the parking lot and literally ‘heard’ and ‘felt’ screaming – ‘DON’T DO IT!! GO HOME!! TURN AROUND!!’ It was actually quite startling! But I went in anyway because my BRAIN was saying ‘but you need the extra money’ which was in fact a truth. Ironically, after my first night training, the owner called and told me not to come back. I don’t think she liked me but also didn’t really need me anyway (I was going to be an extra server/bartender). And I actually said ‘Ok! Thank you!’ Funny, intuition or not, it always seems to work out. Just not always in the way we pictured. Intuition is always right on but if we don’t listen, the universe will take care of it and ‘right’ it in time. Just wanted to share that funny story!

      1. Yes, I’ve had similar circumstances whereby my instinct kicked in at the last minute. One in particular I’m dealing with now has me second-guessing myself. I refused a job offer and now I’m waiting for what is coming next. Feels like limbo.

  3. “8. Turn off electronics – we are bombarded all day long with technology. and technology is great on so many levels. but it is difficult for intuitive guidance to come through to you if you are sitting with your computer on, next to your cell phone, while watching tv.” LOL.. Whoops.. I am sitting on my laptop with my phone next to me and my TV on playing pandora… I guess that isn’t good?

    1. Hahaha. I do it too!! 🙂 It’s totally fine, of course but just notice when you are feeling out of balance and if too much technology could be a factor. Especially when we are looking to see/feel/hear messages.

      1. Agreed… It was just funny you mapped out everything I was doing at the moment. Haha! Good ideas 🙂

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