You Ain’t Gettin’ Squat Done In 2013 If You Are Distracted

But let’s be honest.

Who ISN’T distracted??

But are you letting distraction win?

I have been.

As a mom of two, my day begins before my feet hit the floor in the morning. And next thing you know, it is 2, 3, 4, 5 pm and I have no idea where the day has gone. I have gotten stuff done, sure, but have I really achieved anything I’d hoped to?


I believe we can become addicted to distraction. I certainly have. I use it as an excuse to not move forward in my life.

Then one day not too long ago a deep, deep fear came over me.

OMG, I thought. I am going to wake up in twenty years and be in the exact place I am now. 

Not that there is anything wrong with where I am, but I have things I really want to do, I have a calling that needs tending to and every day, my feet hit the floor and I am 100% distracted by my life and all the things there are to do.

This includes things I CHOOSE to be distracted by like my beloved Facebook, my beloved daytime soap (shout out to B n’ B fans!! ;)), and general aggravations I give way too much energy.

Microsoft Word - web 2.0 logos.doc


So between real life distractions and chosen distractions, I ain’t gettin anywhere.

And this frightens me to the core.

Some of you reading may be thinking, ‘Girlfriend, I am not just distracted, I am balls to the wall BUSY. I work, raise kids, take care of family members, and I am so exhausted by the end of the day I am just happy that I can lay my head down and get some rest.’

Or maybe you are a small business owner with a family or you are just like me, with general distractions and real life stuff that naturally take days away and that’s just life.

But if you have an aching, a calling, a project, a ‘thing’ you have always wanted to do (lose weight, be more organized, stop smoking, etc) it is so so so easy to get pulled away from this before you even begin.

Steven Pressfield, author of The War of Art, Do The Work!, Turning Pro* (and many, many more books such as The Legend of Baggar Vance), calls this RESISTANCE. And it is quite the force of nature. It wants to keep us distracted so we do not move forward in our lives and we can stay stuck. It’s classic self-sabotage.

So if you have any resolutions for 2013, and God bless you if you do, be sure distraction, resistance, and/or self-sabotage doesn’t get ya.

And I don’t want it to, you are better than that and deserve more.

In February, I will be sharing with you all something fabulous. Something easy, free, fun, and an amazing and powerful way to kick distraction’s/resistance’s/self-sabotage’s ass.

And I want to be sure to note that distraction will ALWAYS be there. ALWAYS. So this is not a thing to pretend life is not life. This is a way for YOU to be focused and successful every day. No matter what.

If you want to be one of the first to know about this, be sure to sign up for my newsletter which will also be starting in February. Just plug in your email so I know you are interested.

It’s just right over here —————————–>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (okay, you do need to scroll up a little :))

Happy New Year and I look forward to sharing more with you! And I will be doing so not only here on my blog but every Thursday morning at 11am on Blog Talk Radio. I hope you can listen in (and archived shows are available for your listening pleasure as well).



* I cannot recommend these books enough. If you have ANYTHING you want to do but just can’t seem to get going, read these books. They are massively inspiring and freakin’ awesome.

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