Scheduling, Fall in New England, New Kayne (Mercy!!), and Who are you?


I’m a gal with hopes and dreams and goals…as most of us are.

But I often feel I don’t have the time to dedicate myself to them.

Yes, I am the mom of two young children and have a husband with a wacky schedule so there are times that it is completely true that I do not have tons of time.

But the complete truth is that I do not make the time.

And I want to so I have been thinking a lot about scheduling not only time for myself but time each day to work on my goals, hopes, and dreams.

I have been inspired by the following articles that promote scheduling as the key to rockin’ some shit outta your life.

And based on the second article, someone else came up with this schedule to help you live your dreams. I have been dabbling in some of it but have not committed fully, thinking I’m going to tweak it a bit to fit me a little more, but it’s pretty cool in general.

What about you? Have you used a schedule to help you move forward with your goals/dreams/etc?

Do tell in the comments below.


Fall in New England

I grew up here and know that this is where I am supposed to be. I have travelled to many, many other parts of the world and the US, and I was always chompin at the bit to get back here. But sometimes during the summer when it’s HHH (hazy, hot, and humid) or in the winter when there is four feet of snow on the ground I think ‘WTF am I doing living here?!? I should be in Southern California!’

But when fall is at it’s best and it is dry, cool, and beautiful, I am beyond at one with my surroundings!

I LOVE fall in New England.

The leaves are changing and the yellows and oranges are EPIC this year!

These pictures don’t do it justice but you get the point.


New Kayne West

I love me some Kayne.

I think he is a genius.

I am loving his new song.


Love the video too.

Here it is, (with explicit-ish lyrics, fyi).



Who are you?

The other day I was writing an over-sharing blog post all about my seven bazillion different personalities and how I have no idea how to integrate them all into my life. It’s not any kinda bipolar craziness (at least I don’t think so…LOL) but I do struggle especially during the past few years amidst my mid-life evolution (flat out refuse to call it a mid-life crisis!). But it’s basically like I have no idea who I am.

But an interesting thing occurred when I was writing that post (it’s still in the draft folder). As I was describing each of these parts of my personality and I was connecting with the energy of each one, one of them brought me to tears as I wrote about it….wrote about…myself. It was a pretty big a-ha moment as I figure the one that brings me to tears is probably the one that is my biggest teacher, my biggest struggle, and the key to who I truly am (at my core) and that is the path that I am to take. I will not abandon any of the others – no way no how – but I am now focused on how to grow and learn from this one part of me that seems (surprisingly!) to stand out more from the others.

I will share more in time (of course!!) but I am curious about you and if you feel you know who you are or if you struggle or if you have many, many parts of your personality that you deal with (or don’t deal with!).

Lemme know in the comments below!






6 thoughts on “Scheduling, Fall in New England, New Kayne (Mercy!!), and Who are you?”

  1. New England sure is beautiful. What are the best places to visit to vacation stuff?
    Thanks for the links! I need to start getting up earlier, although “nothing to eat after 6pm” would send my stomachs into violent protest. I must honor my stomachs with late night feedings.

    1. i find the afternoon most difficult not to feed the stomachs. prob because i am home with a napping baby and get bored and will eat anything in sight lol.
      and New England!! it is beautiful almost all year ’round. beaches, mountains, lakes, cities, you just can’t go wrong.
      please come visit!!

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