Basil Poultice Helps Heal Horrible Bug Bite Reaction (with gross pictures) and The Daily Love

Basil Poultice Helps Heal Bug Bite Reaction

Bugs love me.

They always have.

But I have never loved them.

Blowing up like a balloon (at least locally) every time I get a bite.

Good, good times.

Last month, I got 7-10 bites on my ankle. Possibly from the one lone male bed bug I fear is living in our couch. But it was summer so who knows. And again, bugs love me.

These bites itched BAD. And one night about 10 days after I first got them, I itched the living crap out of it in a half-sleep induced itching frenzy.

The itching frenzy caused quite the reaction. It was not pretty.

Here’s proof:

And remember, this was almost TWO WEEKS from the day I got the bites.

Good gravy, I love to suffer 😉

I began to apply various fairly natural remedies to this heinous situation and everything just seemed to make it worse.

I even went to the emergency room when I swear the whole thing was throbbing and about to come to life and reach up and slap me in the face! It is completely unlike me to head to the doctor for anything so this was nuts all around. The ER doc was super nice and even touched this thing with his bare hands. He said it was nothing but a local reaction. The ER nurse said in all her 27 years she had never seen anything like it. But no one could esplain WTF was going on.

Then I spoke with my mother, a nurse, and alternative medicine enthusiast. She said sweet basil oil is an amazing thing to use when you’ve been bitten (by a bug). It removes the venom quickly and efficiently. I was game as nothing was working. She even said someone she  knew once used pesto to heal a bad bug bite reaction and it worked. Cool!

The local Whole Foods did not have any sweet basil essential oil and I was very sad. BUT they did have a ton of basil so I thought, why not, I’ll make a lil ‘pesto’ of just basil and see if it’ll work.

Within minutes of the first application of my basil ‘poultice,’ as I learned it is called, I could feel it soothing the area.

I did this application of basil for three days for one hour or more each time.

I then acquired some sweet basil essential oil and applied that to the area as well.

Here’s what it looked like after all that:

Sure still nasty, but about 1000 times better than the first picture which was about 5 days before this one.

Then a few days later the skin began to peel off and healing was complete:

I believe if I had the basil oil handy when I first got the bites, this would have never escalated (as well as if I had never itched it to death like a crazy person spreading the venom all over the area).

Even though summer is over here in New England, I’ve got my basil oil handy.

Because this will NEVER happen again.


The Daily Love

If you have not heard of Mastin Kipp and The Daily Love, well, now you have.

I love what he shares and talks about in his daily blogs and emails.

I have followed lots of spiritual folks and for the most part dig what they say but I begin to lose connection with them when it is always so shiny ALL THE TIME. I love that Mastin talks about the dark side of things too. As well as brings in all kinds of folks to write on his site. I don’t resonate with everything but in general…

it’s good, good stuff!

Check it out.

The Daily Love.

Hope you are having a great week!



5 thoughts on “Basil Poultice Helps Heal Horrible Bug Bite Reaction (with gross pictures) and The Daily Love”

  1. Adrienne – that looked nasty!!! So glad you found relief and thanks for sharing the info (mom)….. ; )

  2. holy cow. I didn’t realize it was that bad, but SO GLAD you’ve found a natural remedy. Now to pinpoint that darn bug. (are you sure it’s from a bug??)

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