Decisions, decisions, The Psychic Scientist, James Altucher, and Facebook

For some reason for the past year I cannot make a decision to save my life. Well, I am sure I could if I needed to actually save my life but in general, I am one clueless bitch. Mostly it is the decision on WTF I am doing with my life. Yes, I am a mom and that is what I have being doing for the past few years and that’s all good but I really, really, REALLY want to create, inspire, contribute, and rock the heck outta this life.

But I am not willing to just do anything. Or do something just to do something. Although I keep trying stuff and thinking this or that is IT, I am learning that all is not to be revealed quite yet. So no decisions are being made. None. Well, except this one. I really like writing on this blog but don’t always feel I want it to be just about me. So I am going to share my shit (rambly thoughts, personal growth, recipes, and food related stuffs will be the general gist) as well as other stuff I find cool, interesting, weird, fun, or just worth noting. That is what this blog will be all about for now.

I am currently working with The Psychic Scientist and she is THE BOMB. She is guiding me to find my true self and through that find my purpose and my gifts. I am totally and completely beyond excited to be working with her as I have been, for years, looking for someone to work with. I have wanted to find someone to talk to and help me through some shit but not in the traditional therapy kinda way. Been there done that and it’s just too much blah blah blah for me. So I waited and waited and finally I found the perfect person! Yay!

So that is what’s up these days.

And I’ve been reading lots from James Altucher. I just love his writing and what he’s got to share. Love love love it.

And per my psychic scientist, I am back on Facebook after a six month hiatus. Gotta get back and join the party. Just popped back in before writing this and it looks like I didn’t miss much. But my extroverted personality is happy to be back. And I’ve been on Twitter for a bit because my extroverted personality cannot keep shit to itself, hense this blog as well!

That’s it for today!

Thanks for reading and see you soon.



3 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions, The Psychic Scientist, James Altucher, and Facebook”

  1. As you’re on the journey to “finding your way”, please consider the power of prayer, my lovely jellybean Adrienne (wait.. did I just call you a jellybean? hehe)

    1. on it! i do try to incorporate a lil prayer followed by a lil meditation and then i am distracted by thoughts of food lol. no, but seriously, i know it will help. ask and you shall receive! thanks, your lil jellybean πŸ™‚

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