Give it away for free

I drove to Castine, Maine from Boston this weekend to go to a wedding of a friend I love supah dupah style.

I was BEYOND appreciative of Google Maps.

I logged on, put in my location and my destination and POOF! Directions to Castine, Maine.


And this place is pretty off the beaten path so I was beyond happy to see, very clearly, how to get there.

Driving up there, I sat in immense gratitude for this FREE service. Wow, I thought, I did not have to buy a map, I did not have to buy a GPS and I did not have to rely on ‘the force’ to get me there.

Google gives a lot away for free. Email, searches, images etc etc. Yes, we could go on and on about how much money they make in ads and blah blah blah but I am not interested in all that. I am just so grateful for all their free services. Facebook is free, Twitter is free, so much great stuff (especially on the ‘net) is FREE!

For the past few years I have loved listening to internet marketing talks and classes (for free, of course). I love Marie Forleo and recently she pointed all of her subscribers to Eben Pagan, a big internet marketer guy. I listened to his free talks for a week! He was then selling his program, of course, but not in an obnoxious way and all of the free talks were GREAT and gave a ton of fabulous information (if you are into that kind of stuff LOL).

In his talks that week, Eben suggested that if you are in business, and especially if you are trying to drive more business to yourself via the internet that you should MOVE YOUR FREE LINE!

That’s right, give more stuff away for free. And not just any stuff, YOUR BEST STUFF.

Then, more folks come your way and while they won’t ALL buy stuff from you or sign up for your stuff, you have increased your audience and now a larger percentage of potential buyers are at your disposal AND they will be thinking of you as a trusted expert (and ideally you are :)).

All this got me to thinking not only about business but about life.

How often do we hold back?

How often to we ‘love’ but with conditions?

Shouldn’t we move our free (love) line?

I think we should.

I am not emotionally fit enough (yet) to do so because I am in fear of being taking advantage of or then always being expected to ‘love.’

I have some work to do but will, on occasion, move my free line. Because I do not want to live in this ‘fear’ – one I have created myself, so I will push myself in the direction I would like to go. I’m tryin’!

How about you?

What are your thoughts on moving your free line in business AND in life?

Let me know! I’d love a discussion on this.


Love đŸ™‚


P.S. Btw, Castine, Maine is amazing and beautiful! I am completely enamored by the Maine Coast right now. So get there if you can! Highly recommend.

2 thoughts on “Give it away for free”

  1. good point! I need to make more advantage of all the free stuff. I couldn’t even get a free lunch today outta my husband. He forgot to bring his wallet. O_O

    (Ps. It all comes out of the same account anyways, but it still feels like free when he uses his on card. How dare he make me pay!!!)

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