A Letter To My House Cleaner

I don’t have a house cleaner but if I did, this is what a letter to them would say:

Dear (Future House Cleaner),

I love you.

I love that you clean my house so that I don’t have to.

Not that cleaning is above me, because it is not. I just hate doing it. I’ll do laundry, make beds, organize shelves, and cook all day long but clean? I’d rather snuggle up to a big, nasty, hairy bug and I HATE BUGS. A. lot.

I cannot thank you enough for coming to my house every week and cleaning our home. Not only do I have more real time but lots more MENTAL time that is not used up thinking about how I should be cleaning. 

Here is your big Christmas bonus.

Here is your birthday present.

Here is a card just because. 

Here is a big tip added to each weekly cost.

Can I hug you?

I have never been so happy to have someone help me and words cannot express my appreciation and gratitude.


Thank you,

Adrienne and Family

It is my intention that within a year, this is a note I can really write. 

I would love love love to have a house cleaner.

Can you tell?

What do you want? 

Write a letter in the comments below.



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