what to do when you are a cranky b*tch

the beginning of the week was lovely.

the middle of the week has been not as lovely.

what is a gal to do when her intention is to not be so bitchy and to feel more more at peace with the present and with life in general?

i am realizing that just because you have ‘seen the light’ or maybe even rubbed up against it the light, it doesn’t mean that every day is going to be all kittens and roses.

you will have shitty ass days. and that won’t feel good.

like today, i don’t feel good. my spirit is wonky. i feel wonky. i kinda wanna punch someone in the face.

not super spiritual is it?

sometimes you have to just go with the flow and just be. cranky pants and all.

i have tortured myself far too much fighting how i feel. things are always a smidge better when i feel cranky and crappy , don’t fight it so much, and don’t get all crazy town trying to figure out how to get out of this feeling as quick as possible. i always wind up drinking too much coffee, eating too much food, snapping at my kids or my husband. instead of just being and being okay with some crankiness.

i’m so glad i wrote this post to remind myself that it is okay to be cranky and worse to be crankiER and all pissed off that you’re cranky.


with love and crankiness,


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